Sunday, May 18, 2008

Da Scoop

Okay, so I was very surprised by my disappointment of not getting selected in the St. George disappointed, in fact, that I ended up researching another Saturday run and signing up for the Logan marathon. I have heard it is relatively flat and well organized, so I signed up and booked my flight. My girlfriends and I are already planning the massages, the Mustang convertible rental car, sleeping in, and the hot tub after. Sad that a marathon is my excuse for a fun girl get time it will be shopping, eating out, and pedicures fo sho! I told my girls about getting into the race, and Kiara (my 6yo) enthusiastically says: "Mom you are a rockstar!", I was pleased that I was getting the respect I deserved for this until Emma (my 3yo) says: "Yeah mom, you are a BIG rock!" Unfortunately at the speed I run, Emma might have been more accurate in her compliment.
So the picture has nothing to do with my post, but I like to look at pictures, and well, he's just so cute!! :)


Jenny said...

:( too bad St. George didn't work out but woot for Logan! I will have to come up and cheer u on!

Kimberly said...

Sad, sad, St. George. However I think you are mad, mad (mad as in crazy) Chelsea for even trying to get into another one!!! But, I would come along for all the after it is done stuff. Now, that is what I call a weekend get away!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so funny and the cuteness! I'm sorry you didn't get into the St. George, but really, it sounds like this Logan run is a better option.