Wednesday, June 18, 2008

half marathon, father's day, and the last day of school

The last week has been busy! First of all, it was the last week of school and all the assorted parties and hoopla that entails. I seriously can't believe I have a third grader and a first grader now! We are all so excited that it is summer. I love not having such a rigid schedule and a million things to run around to. Now I just need to embrace the chaos and try and remain calm amidst the arguing, fighting, whining ("I'm bored...what can I do?") and running back and forth to swim lessons.

For Father's day I got Spence a firepit, some roasters and marshmallows (and graham crackers and hershey's chocolate). We had a blast making smores in our backyard. Who says you can't have outdoor fun when you live in suburbia????

Finally, it is my half marathon! I finished and felt was great. I can't even begin to comprehend running 13 MORE miles, but I can't really think about that, or I will get very discouraged. In the meantime, I really enjoyed the race and was surprised at how NOT unpleasant it ended up being!

I'll throw in a few other pictures of the zoo, swim lessons, Kiara's first piano recital and some friends and anything else I can find since I haven't posted in ages.


Melissa said...

AHHH summer! For me it has already been a whole month, but I am enjoying the lack of schedule. Congratulations on the half! Just 13 more, no big deal!!! You look great, just keep taking off the pounds and I will keep taking from you. I love Kiara's look of concentration at the recital. Enjoy the chaos!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Congrats on your half marathon! When you are in the race - you don't think about doing it again, just how little, with each step, is left.

Your kids are beautiful!


Robin said...

Isn't summer great!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Chels. It sounds silly, but looking at those recent pics and listening to that music, I got a little emo. Seriously! Your little guys are growing up fast and are so so cute! Kiara & Levi are so grown up. I'm excited for summer too. Brons is just thrilled that he doesn't have to "do school work", and Gav on the other hand begs to go back to class everyday. (I can see where this school thing is heading with my boys) ;) I am so inspired and proud of you. Congrats on the run girl! When you run those marathons, your running for me too (i'm living vicariously through your efforts) :)

Tamara said...

Way to go Chels, you are the inspiring one, I am staring to run a little but it will be awhile before it comes to me running a marathon.

Tamara said...

Chels, you should join a blog that a group of us girls do together. It is all about inspiring each other to run races, eat right, and work on our bodies. If you are interested, let me know. e-mail me at