Monday, July 6, 2009

Two wheels?

My darling, brave, little Emma started to ride her bike without training wheels this w/e. At first it was wildly successful as she had encountered a cousin who (briefly) younger than she was quite good at navigating a two wheeler. Emma had some decent balance, speed, and agility on her initial attempts. After a multitude of both painful and painless falls she would bounce back up with a tear in her eye and say (with thumbs up) "I am fine. Let's do it again." Things were going more or less swimmingly until (I have to add here that it was ME who brought this fatal thing to her attention) we taught her to use the brakes to stop rather than her shoes and consequently her knees and hands...which unfortunately resulted in both RAPID and CONSTANT braking. Now, for those of you who try and ride your bike, balance, and hit the brakes repeatedly at the same time, you are probably well aware that it is substantially more difficult to make forward progress. After many (many) inch long "retries" we put the bike back in the garage. Hopefully she will forget about the newly discovered brakes soon and we can move on to bigger and better things!!

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