Monday, October 26, 2009

Runningbacks and cameras

Our Westview football season is approaching an end and for the first time, I am a little sad! Levi loves football, but I haven't shared his passion due to the long practices (requiring loads of driving, nagging to get homework done before and/or after, loads of laundry, no family dinner, etc.), BUT this last Saturday I shared a bit of his enthusiasm. He's played Linebacker all season long and has been BEGGING for a chance to "run" the ball. He always comes home disappointed b/c he wants to run, but at the very end of this very sad game (they were losing by 2 touchdowns) he got his big moment of glory and he was awesome! Here are a couple of clips of his first run, and his second that our savvy cameraman (Spence) captured with our brand spankin new video camera. I can't find the other one (he ran 45 yards and the final play got them a touchdown, but of course I can't find that one! grrrr), but you get the idea...proud mama. He is now the starting runningback for his team! Go Cats! :)

PS: He is number 78.

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Melissa said...

Totally awesome!!! Jaxen has informed us that next year he will be playing football instead of soccer, and I'm nervous. I guess these boys just like to hit people. Great job Levi!