Thursday, December 10, 2009

Play with Me

I have a confession. I don't know how to play. I mean, seriously, what happened between the ages of 5 and 32 that causes the play chromosome to disappear? Spencer still has it, but I don't. Nothing makes me cringe like a whiny: "I have no one to play with." b/c I know what is coming. Usually: "Mom, will you play Barbies with me?" Ugh. I try. Really. I sit down, I stare at the nasty haired, scribbled on, grungy dolls and I throw a few "will you dance with me?'s" out there, but really, I am bored and somewhat tortured in about 30 seconds. I keep thinking about the million other things I need to do, or I'd rather be doing, and I can't concentrate. I feel super guilty about it. What kind of mom can't bring herself to play Barbies or Polly Pockets with her daughter for more than 2 minutes?

This afternoon, however, I made a serious breakthrough! I stared at that hair and thought, if only Emma's hair was this long and thick...imagine what I could do! And well, a little research later, discovered that even barbie can have a hair mom. We gave the Barbies a full on hair salon day, full of shampoo (dish soap), conditioner (the real stuff and a little fabric softener) and serum (baby oil) and a little trim (don't worry, Emma doesn't know about the know our history with scissors...but I couldn't look at those split ends for one more second). Half hour of combing through rats, and a few elastics later and we knocked the socks off all of those Prince Charmings at the ball. Yeah! Anyway, anyone who needs some tips on how to bring Barbie's mojo back, I think I figured it out. AND we had fun doing it!


Andrew said...

That is hysterical! I totally feel the same way about getting down and playing with the kids. Kyle wants me to play some kind of battle, but his guys are always stronger and more powerful and I have to do what he says. Lasts for about 2 minutes inour house too. I am feeling the guilt!
Mari ( not dr andy like it says, I am at work!)

Melissa said...

I love the new family pics. I waited too long this year and now it's too stinking cold to do outside pictures. You all just look amazing!!! As for the playing, I stink at it as well. We are so much a like it scares me. If I can somehow make playing about cleaning out or fixing toys, I can get much more involved. The hair looks great. It's about a week too late. I just through out our mangle-hair barbies and decided Autumn could get new ones when the time came. Miss you!

Jenny said...

Haha! You are such a cute Mom! I completely relate, however, now that my girls are getting older, it's getting easier, sadly.

Love the new pics!

Anonymous said...

What a cute story. I love it! Yes, we still live at the 34 Baudin Circle address. Your kids are gorgeous. I love reading their hilarious stories on your blog. Merry Christmas Chels! XO

Angela and Kevin Taylor said...

Oh I'm right there with ya, only I don't have to deal with barbies! My kids are always asking me to make them paper airlplanes or build them a cool race track. I feel underqualified, I should have gone to school to be an architect!