Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Late and Random

Some photography class practicing sessions. He isn't really a good sport, but since the rest of the kids are in school, he is my favorite subject!!
Pumpkin Patch at Lakeview Farms on our day off of school. Super nice day, and the kids loved it.
After pumpkin patch we made these cute little candy men. Definitely the highlight of the day for the kids (that and eating them after).

Caden. Couldn't get the boy to smile long enough to take the picture. But, I thought this was cute anyway.
5th grade, Levi has a man teacher for the first time ever. He seems really great so far.
Kiki in 3rd grade also has a man teacher, and I was nervous for her, but she loves him and we've been super happy with him so far as well.
Emma's first day of Kindergarten. Pretty sure she was more excited than any of my other kids have EVER been for anything EVER in their lives. It is so Emma to be this excited about everything!
Bus is definitely the highlight of the day.
Football season is in full swing. He is in the 5th/6th grade level and being a 5th grader he looks so scrawny compared to most of the other players, but he still loves it!

Life is busy in the fall, I am admittedly looking forward to soccer (I am coaching Emma's team) being over, and football too. An occasional just chill evening would be SO wonderful!! I enjoy watching their games (Kiara is a soccer playing machine, Emma still circles the ball three times before actually kicking it. Even if no one is on her.) and I love love LOVE fall...still an occasional evening. Just an occasional one, I wouldn't complain about at all!

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Anonymous said...

I love these HIGHLIGHTS Chels. Your kids are getting so big. Gosh, I wish we lived closer to one another. Emma seems like a dear and VERY Hilarious little gal. My kinda girl. I hope you are well. Miss you friend! Hi to the fam for us. XOXO