Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bball and Girl Scout Cookies

We started off the winter season of craziness. Three kids in basketball makes for a long Saturday! Spencer is either coaching or assistant coaching all of them too. Busy busy. But, I am grateful for more opportunities to practice taking different pictures!!

Kiara is in Girl Scouts and has to sell the infamous Girl Scout cookies. Only problem is, she wants the prizes and all the glory of selling lots of cookies, but she hates to actually do it (I do too!). Emma said in the car when Kiara was moaning about only having 7 boxes sold and how she wasn't even going to get any prizes: "I will wear your vest, and sell your cookies. I am not scared one bit!" So, she went to the basketball game, wearing Kiara's vest and sold......FORTY EIGHT BOXES! In less than an hour! She was 100% not afraid to ask anyone and everyone, and everyone was suckered into her cuteness. Now they are at almost 100 boxes, and we are officially one of the crazy Girl Scout sellers around here. Heaven forbid.

Levi is super aggressive when he plays basketball. If there is a jump ball, he ALWAYS comes out with it. And everyone better watch out!

Even the scorekeeper on the other side of the court was not exempt to the prowling saleswoman. Love that girl!!


Melissa said...

That is an awesome story!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Chels what a great post! I am NOT one bit surprised Levi is a fantastic and aggressive b ball player on the court. Not to mention Miss Emma. Oh that girl has spunk! She reminds me of Levi a bit. I wish we lived closer because I think she and I would get along just fine! :) I went to SF this week for just a couple of days with my sister. We went to San Ramon for dinner one night to meet Lis and some of the old girls from SR. Lis and I were saying that we both missed you and need to plan a girls trip together in 2011. Apparently Mason still plans on rooming with Levi at BYU in a just a few years! He has never forgotten their pact to room together. So cute! Miss you Chels!

Stephanie said...

Okay that is tooooo cute!!!! When they came to my door, I was super impressed with the amount she had sold, must have been after the game :)