Saturday, March 12, 2011

We love Sula!

Matt (Spencer's older brother), Jen and their little 15 month old Sula came and stayed with us for a bit this weekend and the kids were more excited than ever. I felt bad b/c my kids were so excited I don't think Matt, Jen or Sula could even hear any of our adult conversations, but we were grateful for the fun visit. Uncle Matt spent the majority of the time throwing the kids in the air, playing rock/paper/scissors, and doing LOTS of wrestling.

(I should mention that this is a picture of the kids wrestling with U. Matt, not spencer! They look so much alike that multiple people at Kiara's basketball game mistook Matt for Spencer. From the haircut, glasses and facial hair they could almost be twins!)
Meet Sula... seriously is there a cuter baby anywhere? I pretty much begged them to leave her with me for longer. She is as yummy as she looks. Wish they lived closer!!

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Melissa said...

Oh my goodness! I totally thought that was Spencer! Yesterday I was wishing you lived here! I feel so overwhelmed sometimes by being a mom, trying to stay healthy, living on a budget etc and I sometimes wish I could swap ideas with you. I hope all is well!