Friday, April 1, 2011

Work From Home? E-book review

My college degree sits dormant in a box somewhere in the garage. I don't regret or even mourn over the "lost" years staying at home raising my kids. I do, however, on occasion look forward to the day I can use some of my suppressed skills. I started several years ago doing a little freelance PR work and have absolutely enjoyed the chance to use some pent up brainpower and have a little budget-less spending money (oh how I adore having a little cash in my wallet!).

I am finding myself approaching a day where I might have FOUR children in school (Caden starts preK next fall. Eeek!) for a few hours during the week, and I can't help but daydream about all the possibilities!

I started looking into adding some more freelance work to my meager arsenal and came across an e-book titled "You Can Work in Your PJ's" by Sylvie Charrier. I asked if I could read the book and review it on my blog, and they kindly obliged.

I just finished this very lengthy book and will give my review below:

You Can Work in Your PJ's has a lot of great points. Sylvie didn't sugarcoat the amount of work required to start up your own business online, and she really broke down every detail required to do so.

Some good points:
  • The e-book has a money back guarantee, if you don't find yourself on board for starting an online business after reading her book, you can get your money back.
  • Upon ordering the e-book, you receive several other interesting articles, customer support, one on one online consulting, access to their member website, and quite a bit of additional material.
  • This book is HUGE, there is a ton of information. Really, it covers everything you need to know about telecommuting.
  • I finished feeling excited and having several good ideas on what I can do to expand my freelance business.
  • Straight forward, doesn't appear to beat around the bush about what is involved (tells you what you will like and not like about working from home, etc.)
Some not so good points:

  • Well, I mentioned previously, it is HUGE. I am not a fan of reading on the computer, but didn't want to print out a million pages, so that was a downfall for me. Though one can hardly complain about receiving too many tips and too much info about a topic you are interested in.
  • I wished there had been a little more focus on what to do for small time businesses (like mine), for instance a chapter titled "If You Don't Want to Work Full Time From Home, but Just Want to Make a Little Extra Cash" (maybe abbreviated a bit... :)). Designing my own website, and getting massive amounts of traffic, and customers and everything sounds awesome, but it is way bigger scale than I really ever intend to take my freelance biz.
Overall, if you are interested in starting a successful, full-time career from home, then I highly recommend this e-book. Click here to order.

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