Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sisters Retreat

This year I was finally able to make it happen and visit with my SIL's for their annual Sisters Retreat. It was on an island near Seattle, called Vashon Island. It was stunningly beautiful with the view of the mountains and the greenery and the water, very picturesque. We brought books and had a book review, did some crafty fun projects, ate lots of yummy food, did lots of shopping, played some games, and had uninterrupted adult chat time! WOW! It was super fun to get away, but I was definitely excited to see my familia when it was over. Here is just a small snippet of the pictures that were taken, but the only ones I have had time to edit/post.

Spencer's sisters Valerie and Gaylene.
Nora, Valerie, Gaylene, Jen, Roselyn at the lighthouse.
Nora and Gaylene

Group pictures taken with remote, while my camera was balanced on an ironing board and three books. :)

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Melissa said...

How fun! I think you and I need to start a yearly retreat. These kiddos are getting old enough right?? It's been raining here for 3 days straight and all of the Coloradans are freaking out! It made me think of how beautiful it is where you are and all of the rain you have in order to get all of that green.