Friday, October 28, 2011

Griping about Halloween Part 1 (Part 2 will be the classic, cheerful costume and aren't my kids adorable post)

Corn maze at Plumper Pumpkin Patch. Luckily I have Caders who is still my baby b/c...

We had to practically drag Levi in from neighborhood football fun outside to carve pumpkins this year (don't get me started), but once inside he remembered that he actually liked carving pumpkins. Well, I think he remembered, but looking at this picture closely his smile looks a little less genuine than I was hoping for!
Emma has a blue glow to her b/c she was at a friend's house who apparently has lots of blue eye shadow available. Or it could also be the fact that she is sad b/c we had to ground her just prior to carving for not coming home after her playdate (with blue eye shadow friend) and going straight over to neighbor's house without telling us and after almost 2 hours of wondering where she was and canvasing the area, she waltz' in the room like she just got home from the FIRST playdate. Missing the whole GUTTING portion of pumpkin carving (the best part of course!)

Deep breath, sweet baby who thinks the pumpkin patch is AWESOME and loves to hang out with me and thinks my fun ideas are great!
While at our ward's Trunk or Treat, I marveled at all of the Southern Bells, the beautiful princesses with fancy hair, heart-melting pink and purple ballerinas, lady bugs (with wings and cute hair buns!), and other adorably clever costume creations. Then I looked at my table where we had fought all afternoon on whether or not they could have blood coming out of the corners of their mouth (I hate bloody costumes). Fortunately, since I am mom, I won. However, they definitely weren't winning any beauty contests with these costumes. Kiara is a zombie cheerleader (she has pom poms and a skirt to match) and Emma was some sort of dead, zombie-witch, frankenstein bride combo of her own design. No more princesses at our house.

Levi wore his football uniform b/c he had to come late and straight from practice. He whined the whole way to the church b/c he claimed to have too much homework to go to Trunk or Treat. I told him he needed to live a little. Hmmphf.

Kiara finished her pumpkin just in time to play outside for a few more minutes before dark. Roasted pumpkin seeds anyone? Let's set these masterpieces outside and marvel at who made the scariest pumpkin! Anyone? Anyone? Let's sit on the bench in our PJ's after lighting the pumpkin candles and watch the flames flicker! Anyone? How about our annual after carving family picture? Clearly, no one. hmmphf.

Caden's creation won scariest pumpkin award this year. Entirely by default since everyone else was either playing outside, or in time-out for playing outside too long, or possibly, and most likely, no one else even cared which pumpkin was scariest! Sniff.

Oh, did I mention he wants me to read him stories and begs for me to play Legos and holds my hand when we cross the street, at the grocery store, and sometimes while I am cooking? Thank goodness for Spiderman. A super hero who is brave, caring, cute and doesn't have blood coming out of his mouth.

At least not this year.

Grouchy post today. :)


Halle said...

I totally hear you! My kids were still into the carving and kind of the pumpkin patch, but Heath is the most enthusiastic and tells me he lovews me many times a day out of the blue. It's nice to have the youngest be over the top sweet!

Halle said...

Well, that was Mari, but you get the idea!