Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Whirlwind of Tday Bliss Day 1

We managed to seriously squeeze in a lot over Thanksgiving this year. This post will cover our first day. After Spencer played some Turkey Bowl football, and I finished a beastly crossfit workout (my hands are still raw from so many dead lifts!), we headed to Olympia to visit Spencer's family. Even though it is only 2.5 hours away, we don't make it out there very often. This is particularly unfortunate b/c the kids absolutely ADORE their uncles and drive everyone a little crazy with the constant wrestling (though Matt and Nathan usually have their own style of wrestling that involves dogpile push ups, timing the kids to see how long they can stand on someone's back, or swinging, throwing or catapulting children in the air or middle of the room). The kids go crazy they are having so much fun, and the adults just try and talk over the mayhem.

Dishing up on the goods...

Benson and Devon...
Kiara and the cutest 2 year old EVER. Poor thing is bombarded by every aunt, uncle, and cousin in the room vying for her attention.

Some of the musically talented in the group serenaded us with music. The Adams family has some serious musical talent (and Spencer went and married me!!).

Me attempting a plate craft, that was decidedly done better by my more craftier girls.

A more or less failed attempt at a clever cousin group shot. No idea why Emma felt the need to cross her eyes, and poor Sula had had enough.

Almost succeeded with the boy only pyramid, Devon couldn't' resist the urge to burst off the top of the pyramid in every attempted pic.

Did I mention cutest baby ever???

Okay, so my baby is pretty cute too, and don't remind me...not a baby anymore. :( Too bad the only thing he ate on that plate was the roll, thus the devious grin.

Stay tuned...the next day we head to Ridgefield for more food, bowling, shooting range, and Leinenbach fun. Followed by Christmas tree acquisition (resulting in our largest tree ever), and a perfectly delightful Jon Schmidt piano concert. Might be the best weekend EVER!!


Anonymous said...

Love you cute people!

Melissa Rozeski said...

You all look great! I am finally able to walk the day after cross fit, but I still dread it the night before. I am up to 3 kipping pull ups in a row ( oh yeah.....with a band) basically I am humbled every time.