Saturday, November 24, 2012

gratitude and stuff

Sort of a hodge podge of Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I have been doing some photo editing and thought I'd do a quick update.  So grateful for my family and for the holiday season.  Two of my favorite things!! 
 Optimus Prime
 A "cute pirate" with her friend from school, Katarina
 Trunk or treat at the church, with BFF's from school. Kiara was Cleopatra this year.
 Spencer was a crazy Judge or something like that.

 Caden got to dress up for his Pilgrim and Indian Thanksgiving Dinner at his preschool.  Mustard Seed has been a great school this year!

 Love these kiddos!

My TEENAGER.  So weird that I am old enough to say such things.  

Happy Holidays!!


Jespersen said...

Chelsea! I am so glad you posted! I love to read about your family. Your children are beautiful - with my oldest asking about your oldest... ;) And you are gorgeous as always!

Melissa Rozeski said...

You have on gorgeous family!! Love the new family photos! We still haven't taken ours....I'm feeling so have inspired me!

Arlene Marie said...

LOVE this posting. Miss you ton! Come visit and stay with me for Women's Conf next spring. Happy Holidays!!!! xoxo