Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm so Quirky

I don't normally participate in tag, but out of due respect for one of my favorite friends, I will do it this time. Love you Meliss! :) Anyway, more info than you ever wanted to know but here goes:

My 6 unspectacular quirks:

1. I must have a blanket on my face to sleep. Even if it is 90 degrees in my room, I have to pull the sheet up over by my face to sleep. It must be from having a "blankie" as a bambina.

2. I am an overly obsessive budgeter. I don't even like gifts from my husband b/c I know where it has to come from. I am also terrible to shop with, b/c I will spend hours collecting things I want, only to leave them at the store, or worse come home and have to bring all the kids to do returns. ugh.

3. I make a menu and a grocery list EVERY time I go to the store. People think it is b/c I am organized, but it isn't. I can't shop without a list and I can't cook without a menu. I am NOT exxagerating about this. My pantry and fridge can be completely stocked but if I don't have a menu telling me what we are eating that night, we will have grilled cheese. if I go to the store without a list, I get cereal, milk and animal cookies. I am totally dependant on my lists!

4. Cooking. I love to try new recipes. This is good in some ways b/c we are always eating new and different things. It is bad in other ways b/c we never repeat (too boring) and Spence and/or the kids will ask "can we we did...." and I can't bring myself to do it. It is also bad b/c I have large amounts of precious storage space used up in cookbooks!

5. I love to read. but, I never have time to do when I finally get a book and decide to read, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING gets done. My kids don't eat (unless they find their own granola bar from the pantry), dishes don't get done, the phone doesn't get answered, and the TV stays on for longer than it should. Equally bad, I don't go to bed until it is finished. I have stayed up till 3, and 4am just to finish a good book! Haven't I learned about "moderation in all things"? Apparently not when it comes to a good book.

6. Food. I do not like any food on my plate to touch any other kind of food on my plate. The worst is if fruity stuff touches vegetably stuff. And dessert can NEVER be put on the same plate that dinner was eaten on. Ever.

I am now tagging: Nancy, Michelle, Kim, Mari, Havva, and Mikayla.

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Doug said...

These are all to funny.....I don't like to repeat recipes either. I enjoy cooking new things all the time.

Doug said...

Oops...that comment was done by Tamara (I am signed into my husbands account.

Jenny said...

hooray! I wasn't tagged! Okay, so the funny thing is I knew most of these things about you! You make me laugh. The food not touching the other food just cracks me up. My food has to touch...all of it, I just mix all that crap together...YUM!

Melissa said...

I feel honored that you broke your rule for me. This list made me miss you and wish that we lived closer. Being your roommate was one of the highlights of my life and much of that is do to your quirks. Or maybe it's because I don't feel so annal and strange around you. I know what you mean about the raining on prom night, the sting is still fresh and I literally feel sick to my stomach when I think about it.

As for my chewing quirk, it is in full swing! Especially with my pregnant mind, I pretty much serve dinner and eat later to avoid my feeling of hatred for the person who dares to smack, slurp or gulp in my presence.

If you can still like me despite my weirdnesses, I promise to do the same!

Josh, Cami, Brody and Brooklyn said...

Hey Chelsea,
I am trying to get Derek's email address so my husband can talk to him about radiology and Alyssa told me to leave a note on your blog and ask you for it. I hope that is okay. If you could email it to me, my email is I would really appreciate it. This is Cami Barrus by the way. I just realized you might not recognize my last name. Thank you so much. Oh and your children are absolutly adorable. Thank you again.

jrushing said...

You are so quirky that you forgot to post for a month!!!!