Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fell off the blogwagon

Okay, I have not done much with this lately, but I hope to get caught up here and then get back into this! We had a fun filled, candy gorging Halloween (the gorging was done primarily by me, as I wouldn't allow the kids too much candy, of course). Levi was a mummy and so was Spencer (or some kind of masked mummy that made Caden cry every time he looked at him. To be honest, I knew it was Spencer and it still kind of freaked me out). Levi managed to keep his eyes crossed for every picture that day, and he really was a sight. Kiara was a witch who lost her hat and did her own hair. Emma was an angel ballerina or a fairy princess depending on who asked on what day.

Caden started walking (if you can tell from the pic below) and I am so sad, my baby isn't a baby anymore. It is so adorable how excited my whole family is though. When the other kids learned how to walk, none of the kids cared b/c they were too young...this time there is giggling and whooping and clapping and mass excitement. Caden is really going to have a big head when he gets older I fear. He is just absolutely adored by his whole family.

We also got our family pictures taken, and I will put one or two of them in, but I'll save the rest for our annual Christmas card.
Oh, and football and soccer are over. I was Kiara's coach this year, which was a lot of fun, but made the fall sports season even more chaotic. I don't know what to do with myself if I am not running one kid to or from practice during the week. We get a break until basketball starts in a couple of months. Luckily I don't play basketball and won't get suckered into coaching, but Spencer won't be so lucky. :)

This is Derek and his wife Jaymie and their kids. We took this to frame and give to my parents for Christmas.

Caden walking. Is he proud of himself or what?

The things nightmares are made of.

I won't take credit for this adorable hair do. she did it all on her own.

I am blessed with a husband who actually likes carving pumpkins b/c I loathe the activity. It is messy and sticky and smelly and did I already mention messy? I find pumpkin seeds for weeks after. Ugh. don't let this angelic looking face fool you. There is a devil within. Trust me.


Jenny said...

WAHOOOOOOOOOO! SHE LIVES! Oh my gosh...could you be any prettier?! Those family pictures rock! Caden is adorable and I had to laugh about your comment on how excited the family is...it's the same with my little Joe (not so little). It's fun to see how the siblings interact and sometimes not so fun, but if you really think about it...funny when they fight. I just laugh at my kids when they fight and it makes them more mad....go figure! The Halloween pictures are awesome and I got a small glimpse of you behind Emma...haha...post one of yourself silly! What were you for Halloween?

Melissa said...

I love our new hair cut!!! You are so chic! Jason likes to carve the pumpkins too, thank goodness. He even roasts the seeds. My job is to not get in the way---love it. I love the pictures! Your little Caden is just amazing with those curls. Some of my friends are planning on running the wastch-something, but it's a relay race like the one in your town. Wanna join???? I am totally determined to come out and see you. After this year of pregnancy and moving, I am feeling the need to GET OUT OF DODGE for awhile.

thomfam5 said...

Beautiful family pics! You all look great, especially you and your cute hair-do. Yeah, I feel the pain about the pumpkin carving, except it is ALL me. Andy is not so interested, or willing. Heath is finally totally converted to walking and so cute at it, so fun.

Tamara said...

Great family photos!!! Remember when we went to the grocery store after Halloween and bought all the candy on sale and then ate all of it...oh the good old days:)

Stephanie said...

Your fam pics are great! I did not know that Caden started walking. I agree with you, it is kind of sad that they grow up.

Kristi said...

Love all the pics. I can't wait for Jaymie to do ours!!! I would have been scared of Spencer as well. It is fun to get into the holiday with the kids. I can't believe your baby is walking. It is so sad that they have to grow up. They are all adorable including you. Love ya

The Bond Family said...

I can't believe Caden is walking! He is so incredibly darling. And I LOVED the family photo! Wow. What a beautiful family! And I agree with everyone that your hair cut is very cute. Glad to see that all is well in the Adams household.

Ann Agent said...

Wow, lovely pictures -- I hope someday we can have a family picture that beautiful!