Sunday, September 13, 2009

A (long) week of firsts...

We had a crazy first week of September. We started it off canning pears on Labor Day, which I somewhat regrettably say I will never do again. WAY too messy and not enough cans of pears to show for all that work! (well, we got about 2 dozen, but I don't know if 12 dozen would have been worth the sticky mess and the dishes I had to do after). But, I did feel domestic, my kids got some hands on "this is how it is done" experience and my food storage looks a little less peaky. (The non-intestinal looking ones are pear PIE filling. Yes, I am a domestic diva.)

Then Tuesday was the first day of school at a BRAND new, beautiful school (Springville elementary school). The kids were SO excited (and well, I was a little excited too).

Okay, so the front door was facing the sun, not the cutest expressions, but the only one they'd stand still in front of the school for.

Remember, I am a hair mom. Gotta take note of these monumental hairdo's. :)

Emma at Little Green apple on her first day with two of her favorite friends, Lilly and Max. She woke up at 6:30am and got dressed, put on her back pack and proceeded to ask me if it was time to eat lunch every 5 minutes till noon when it was (finally) time to leave (I had previously told her we'd go to preschool after mistake). I guess we were ready for school to start.
This is Sam (yes, THE Sam that Emma gets batty eyed here to read that post) and then some kid I don't know and Caleb on the very end.
The sad part about the first week of school is that it is also a week full of soccer, dance (X2), scouts, piano(x2), back to school meetings (X3), enrichment night, football and (deep belly breath) it was crazy! I forgot why I look forward to summer so much...not nearly as much running around. This is Levi playing center at his first game (or linebacker, I can't tell which is which most of the time, spencer just tells me). He's in the red jersey number 78. He did great, got several great tackles and two sacks!
Kiara's best friend, Taryn, is in her class by some stroke of divine luck. She couldn't have been more excited for school to start. AND they got to sit by each other! Yeah! (we'll see how long before the teacher realizes THAT is a bad idea). :)

First soccer game. Kiara is a machine...
Wow. It sure wasn't as quiet and peaceful as I thought it would be when school started, but hopefully things will slow down a little bit...SOON!


The Thelins said...

Oh my goodness Chels you've been busy! #1 I would never attempt canning. You're a good homemaker for doing it! #2 I LOVE Emma's hair!! It gave me chills. #3 Max looks about 10 to me in that picture. #4 SO cute that Emma was so excited about school. I love that she asked every 5 minutes. What a smarty pants- trying to get you to give her lunch so she could be off to school! #5 Levi and his teammates look so cute in real uniforms with real helmets and real positions. It's the real deal! I didn't realize that. It's awesome! Glad your school year is off to such a fun start!

Jenny said...

Holy Smokes, your kids are getting big! Emma's cute posing with her hand on the wall with that cute hairdo :) I love the idea of having the kids hold a paper with the year of school they are in! Haha...I had to laugh looking at all those bottles of pears. It is a nightmare canning! I think I've done it twice in the 12 years I've been married. At least you now know how to do it.