Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, White, and Blue

Fourth of July might be up there as one of my fave holidays. It turned out to be a beautiful day here in Oregon (yes, this is noteworthy, all things considered). Good food, friends, weather, family, fireworks, contests, and races. Practically a perfect weekend! The girls were also featured in Washington's newspaper (The Columbian). A hair mom's proudest day. Click here to see their big debut. :)

4th of July sparklers. Pretzels with white chocolate and sprinkles.

Levi signed up for the pie eating contest. I said sure (it was free!), but said to him, "Just know, there is no pride in winning a pie eating contest." Well, I ate my words. He won. I was proud and so was he. He got a huge trophy with a PIG on it. He was also in the Lewis River news (they haven't posted their link yet, I will add it when they do). With all the family we had there, we had a group chanting "LEVI!" and it might be one of the highlights of his whole 10 year old life.
Is this really my child??? Really??
He gagged at least five times, and no one else's face was covered in whip cream. He took this challenge very seriously!!

Ashley and Kiara
They were actually having a blast, but since i asked them to smile for the picture, the sun was suddenly extremely painful for them, and they all look grouchy here. Ella far left, Ashley, Kiara and Emma.
My dad's office is in the heart of the Ridgefield parade, so every year we get there like 5 hours early and sell soda (by we, I mean Levi). He made over 30 dollars this year. An all time record!

Aunt Jaymie painted everyone's face, and I painted everyone's nails. They were festive to the absolute max possible!!

Spencer REALLY loves parades, can't you tell? At least Caden was enjoying himself. :)

In Ridgefield, they have a kids parade before the actual parade where all the kids march down the street and wave to everyone. Caden and Emma were in heaven. They did get some extra big cheers and waves since they were so obviously enjoying being center of attention.

Kiara and Levi ran their first real (non kids run) race. They did a great job on their 5K finishing super strong.

Trent and I ran the 10K, and finished strong too. I got a personal best on my time, which was exciting for me (though not a brag worthy time, per se, it was still exciting for me!). Trent was kind enough to stay back with me through the whole run. It was great to run with him!

It was a wonderful weekend and I am so grateful for all the people who have sacrificed so much so that I can raise my family in this beautiful country. Happy 4th of July!


Stephanie said...

Great job on your PR Chelsea!!!! I love your girls' hair!

The Thelins said...

Oh so cute. I love that they were in the Columbian- and that the paper chose really cute pictures of really cute kids (sometimes they make questionable choices) for the article. Cute hair, great face paint and nails. Loved your post. PS- I don't think you have a very high standard for what qualifies as a "nice day". It was freezing on the 4th. The best compliment I can give the weather was that it didn't rain. Seriously, by fireworks time I was in a puffy jacket (no joke!) Maybe I'm too spoiled by Vegas.

Sam and Jen Chesnut said...

chels, I am sooooo proud of you & your kids (and Spencer for going to the parade)!!!!!! Love you!