Monday, April 9, 2012

Yup, I am on it...

I know, I am posting holiday pictures the DAY AFTER THE HOLIDAY! Not even weeks, or my more traditional...MONTHs! Yay! I am editing pictures b/c I went a little crazy with my camera this weekend, but that is partly b/c the sun came out. I know, hard to believe that we in Oregon see the sun, but when it comes out, it is a day to celebrate and as it turns out, a day to take pictures.

We had a super fun Easter weekend, first visiting Olympia for a BBQ (and the hugest easter egg hunt ever, baseball fun, soccer fun, and just hanging out with the fam fun), and then Sunday we went to Ridgefield for a yummy Easter dinner and another easter egg hunt. SO grateful for wonderful family to celebrate Easter with. It was a great weekend.

This is what four dozen hard-boiled, decorated eggs look like. And, as opposed to my grouchy Pumpkin Carving Post late last year, we had a delightful time decorating and designing our millions of eggs as a family. Never fear, we found every single hidden egg and followed all life-threatening egg hiding procedures. No one has died yet...

Not sure why we are completely incapable of a simple smile for the camera. Completely. Incapable.
Completely. Capable.Completely. Capable.

Levi named all of his eggs and they each had a face.

I did not notice the twig until after I put this in the blog. She was heavily invested in finding lots of well-hidden eggs in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard!
Wondering why the completely incapable was caught smiling? He was actually being a turd and I happened to accidentally catch him smiling b/c he thought he was being funny. If you look closely, you can see the devilish look in his eye.

So sad this little ball of cuteness doesn't live closer to us, b/c she is seriously the light of the party. Such an adorable little thing and she often shouts clearly: "WAIT FOR ME!" and knows every single aunt, uncle, and cousin's first name by sight! Love this little girl!!
Is it possible to be overwhelmed by adoration? If so, I am
sure Matt is overwhelmed. Caden LOVES Uncle Matt. This is just one of about a million Caden clinging to Matt pictures.
I have sooo many more pictures, hard to choose which ones to put in, and I won't give false promises of adding the rest of them later, but just know this is but a small snippet of our Easter weekend fun! :)
Wait, so this is NOT a punctual picture, but we made these for St. Patrick's day and they were SO fun. Lime sherbet ice cream with 7-up. Just wouldn't be right if I didn't have at least one totally outdated picture. :)


Jespersen said...

Yeah for a new post! Your kids are super adorable. I love all the pictures. Did you know that Ankeny Iowa is the hot vacation destination of the summer? You should come! :)

jrushing said...

So many colored easter eggs! I managed to dodge that project this year! Cute pictures of the family.

Melissa Rozeski said...

You beat me, that's for sure. I still haven't posted Autumn's birthday in November. Your kids look great! Miss you.

Jenny said...

Such great pics! I love all the smiles. So creative with the eggs! How fun!