Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It is somewhat ridiculous the number of nicknames I have for my kids. They are going to grow up not knowing their own first name. Hunny bumperkins, Lover Dovey, Scrunchy Munchy, Mr. Magoo, Leby Jones (Levi), Keekaroo (Kiara) Emma Lou or Emma Sue, Caders (Caden), budders, the list really could go on and on, it is kind of embarrassing. It helps though with my new inability to say any of my children's names right...particularly when I am yelling (yes, I do that) at them. "Levi, I mean Kiara, I mean Emma QUIT squeezing Levi, I mean Caden". It has gotten out of hand. I honestly NEVER get their names right. Is it a sign I have too many children? Or is it because I am now 30 (rapidly approaching 31)???

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Jenny said...

Hahahaha! I have a billion nicknames for my kids too!!!! Abbers, Ab, lovey, mush, George, Princess, Ray Ray, Stink...and it's no wonder I keep all mine straight I totally relate!!!