Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Spring break this year we hit Sunriver. After spending hours online researching the perfect cabin for a week of biking, hiking and swimming we arrived to the perfect cabin to find several inches of snow. Living in Portland, one gets a wee bit sick of the constant drizzle and my immediate response was dread...we didn't escape wet weather for SPRING BREAK...for the LOVE! I wanted sunshine and outdoor play! But in the end, we had a fabulous time. Come to find out, outdoor activity in the snow is about as fun as it gets. We went sledding, ice skating, built snow men, had snowball fights and best of all went hot tubbing in a near blizzard. The kids had so much fun that when we drove past the Sunriver elementary school, they begged for us to stop and check it out so we could someday potentially move there. Though we didn't investigate in SR real estate or anything, I will definitely not be disappointed if we end up in a blizzard over spring break again.


Jenny said...

OKAY....what are you talking about, you can't blog! This site looks soooooo flippin cool! The first few times I got on, it took a little fidgeting with things and yes, it took time, but you get the hang of it. I didn't take a class but asked fellow bloggers for help from time to time. Your site looks fantastic and now that it's set up all you have to do is post! When adding pictures I usually center mine, especially when posting more than one, so they don't go all over and look funny. You also have the option when posting pictures of whether you want them small, med, or large. The better I get at it, I find cool backgrounds and have figured that all out, but for now, just keep it simple and YOU BETTER KEEP BLOGGING!!! How else will I see and hear about you?! I'll have to call and your not a phone keep it up girl, it looks great!

Stirling said...

Can you tell us more about the ice skating? At a rink, which of the kids participated? Did both adults?
Who likes to ice skate the most?
We're obsessed with it now, and the one thing (well, mabye there's two) that I'm looking forward to about Utah is the easy access to year-round skating.

Chelsea said...

Stirling, we all participated, well, except for Caden of course. Emma was pretty much a cling on the leg until she decided to just sit on the ice and dig her heels into the ice. Levi was CRAZY (never clung to the wall, just went 100 miles per hour and was spinning, crashing, sliding, etc.) and Kiara was clinging but caught on fast and was great by the end. It was at a rink. Kiara loves it and wants to take lessons here, so I am going to look into it and Levi who during one fall ended up with a golf ball sized goose egg on his arm and a bruise on his head (I wasn't kidding about how wreckless he was) vows to never go again. Maybe we'll meet up in Utah and do some skating!