Thursday, April 10, 2008


My fourth child, and I have my first thumb sucker. It is the most adorable thing, as if he could be any easier than he already is! Now when he gets the least bit uncomfortable he just pops his thumb in! Of course, when he is 12 and headed to highschool that won't be as cute, but for now I am enjoying it.


Melissa said...

Love the site!!!! I'm so excited to be able to keep up with your family better, since we both seem to be unable to use a telephone these days. I've never had a thumb sucker, but it does sound nice to have an easy way to quite them. He's so stinkin' cute!!!

Jenny said...

Oh man...he is such a doll! 3 of my 4 kids are thumb suckers and it's cute, but now that Abby is almost 8 and has her fingers in her mouth, it's not cute! I can't believe he is 3 months already...!