Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Double Digits!

Today is Levi's 10th birthday. I can hardly believe I have been married 11 years, let alone that I have a child old enough to be in his double digits. My life is just cruising by and I am trying to occasionally come up for air.

It is so fun to have had a boy first, it certainly adds spunk to our lives. There isn't a quiet moment at our house and I really do attribute that to having a wild boy first! His mind is always going and he always has big ideas and plans (for instance, he has been working on a book of "inventions" that he plans to edit and send to Bill Gates. He already has his speech planned and what he'll wear when he meets him). He is a dreamer and I love it. Levi has a great sense of humor, he is an awesome big brother, and he keeps us on our toes (always). The younger kids all LOVE it when Levi is home b/c he is always up for a wrestle or to read them a story. He's growing up too fast! When he is 10, does that mean he is a "tween"? I hate that word, so hopefully not!! :)

Here is a glimpse of Levi before he was all grown up!! :)


Jenny said...

Great pics! Happy Birthday!

Samurai Mom said...

Wow. 10. Not looking forward to it myself.

Kristi said...

I loved all the pictures. You all look so young!!! I hope Levi had a great birthday.

Melissa said...

Wow, that makes me feel old too! I love that he re-wired your remotes! What do you even say to that? On one hand, your remote is broken, but on the other he's so creative and using his brain. I remember when you came up to me at BYU and told me that you were pregnant. It blew my mind! We were so young, these poor first children really have to be patient with us learning the ropes. Happy Birthday Levi!