Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Here is a little of what the Adams family does in the summer time:Roasting Smore's in the backyard with friends and family.

Eating Sand at the Oregon Coast.
Playing at the park with friends and family.

A little boating...

Swimming with Uncle Matt.
Winning Craziest Hair at Summer Soccer Camp.
Getting black eyes from brothers who play way too wild for inside activities when they are bored.
Lots and lots and lots of Legos.

Posing pretty for pictures.

Reading outside by the garden. Look at all that basil!
Shooting airsoft guns at Targets...for hours....and...

hanging out with mom. As much as I love summer, I think I am worn out and ready for some schedule and some sleep and a little bit of quiet. Since football and soccer has already started, I don't know if that will ever happen!


Stephanie said...

Love Kiara's crazy hair!

Melissa said...

Can we come over??? I know what you mean. I really do like summer with the kids, but it just gets hard to keep it up. Mine go back on Monday and I find myself getting butterflies of excitement---is that bad?

By the way, when I read the words "raining on prom night" my stomach dropped. I am still not over that. It will go down as one of my most embarrassing moments. At least I am in good company!

Anonymous said...

Chels, they are getting too big too soon! Wow. Love this post. SO the Isaacson's from your ward moved into our ward. Small world huh? TTYS!