Monday, December 27, 2010

2nd Christmas

Every year our family does our own thing for Christmas eve and Christmas morning, and then on Christmas day in the afternoon when we've had our naps and cleaned up we head to my parent's house for "2nd Christmas". We act just like it is Christmas eve, and do all of our normal traditions and wake up and open presents on 2nd Christmas morning. It is a great way to extend the holiday!We played spoons, which got a little violent. My little finger is black and blue and was swollen, and I still wasn't the reigning champ!

Ella, Caden, Ashley, Emma, Levi and Kiara. Naomi went to bed early so she is missing in this photo.
Me, Derek, and Trent listening to dad's recitation of "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe. Unfortunately, Trent is the only one who followed what was happening. I liked to listen to the rhyming though! :)
Dad reading out loud from the Edgar Allen Poe book he got from Trent (the literary expert in the family) for Christmas.
Caden was beyond exhausted, two days in a row of Christmas fun and late night partying, but he perked up when he saw the cereal.

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The Thelins said...

Okay all those cousins look like siblings. Crazy! I absolutely love the 2nd Christmas tradition. Fabulous idea!