Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

We set an Adams' family record of finding the perfect tree in less than 15 minutes! Last year, it took hours and two trips to the farm, and LOTS of grumpy tree hunters (I really like a perfect tree, it is an important part of the tradition). This year, in 25 minutes we had pictures, had it cut down and on top of the burb! Yay! Notice the smiling faces? Last year, there was NONE of that!

We have this tendency to get super large trees...this year was no exception. It took four men to get the tree on top of the burb, and then we had to drive about 5 miles an hour to get home. The girls would gasp every time they'd see too many tree branches out their side of the car and put Spencer and I into a heart stopping panic. Easy tree finding, scary drive home. We made it, and will decorate it tomorrow. If I can figure out how to take good indoor tree photos, I will post the final product. My house smells SOO Christmasy, I love it!


The Thelins said...

I'm jealous of your success. Jade was down (remember the kidney stone?) Thanksgiving until the following Wednesday, with ankle surgery scheduled Thursday morning. So Wednesday night I threw a temper tantrum about needing a tree. We went to 2 tree farms and they were both closed weekdays (I guess I should have looked at that online). Then it was dark outside. We ended up just buying a tree from the Walgreens parking lot guy. Actually the tree is pretty decent, but I was so sad I didn't to do the tradition and cut one down. Anyway, my point is; I sure am glad I threw a hissy fit, because there is absolutely no possible way Jade would have been able to get us a tree if we would have waited. PS- I haven't seen you in forever.

Nancy Bair said...

I will miss seeing Spencer out there with the chainsaw trying to get your tree to fit into the house. Is it a large as last year? Oh, and I coming over there next week to help my Dad (he had surgery-he is doing great). I'll let you know when and maybe we can chat for a bit.