Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Best and Christmas Fun

Ward Christmas party. Emma was so excited for this party b/c she could sing "Hosanna!" (which she did probably 87 times over the course of the week). Then I came home from Kiara's soccer game to see Emma dressed in blue and red and high heels with a matching snowman headband on all dressed up and ready for the big party. What could I do? She sang her Hosanna's with great gusto and held up her skirt very daintily.
Playing around some more with my camera and indoor shots (garage).

Proving that girls are more expensive than boys, I got the girls Christmas dresses and hair bows and the boys matching ties. D


Anonymous said...

AAAAAHHHHdorable! Love this post. Wish we lived closer. I've a feeling Emma and Brons would get along just fine and would make us laugh & entertain us immensely! XOXO Merry Christmas!!!

Thompson Family said...

Emma cracks me up! I love the black and white of her. Good job!